November 29, 2004

VMWare referral discount code

I thought I would try this since I really do think VMWare is the best thing since sliced potatoes.

If you want a 5% discount toward buying VMWare Workstation 4.x, (perhaps ESX and GSX server as well) then just use this referral code during the checkout phase:


Edit: Seems to work for VMWare 5.0 as well!

I've been doing all my major development in Windows 2000 and RedHat VMWare sessions, and even though I have changed desktop PCs multiple times and re-installed even more times, I have always had a stable and CLEAN development (compile/link/build and test ISO) environment.

This will save you many hours, as well as the extra cost of hardware.

Don't even bother with other products (unless you need something like VirtualPC for the Mac).

Have fun!


What a week-end.

Well, this week-end started off with a bang. First I had the EPI-USE year-end function: a dangerously silly-sounding theme of 50s, 60s and 70s. I had a shower and then took a nap, hoping beyond hope for fate to take a hand and cause me to oversleep and miss it. But then Aubrey phoned and chided me into going after all. (By that time I was already 30 minutes late, but found this not to be a problem since everyone else was).

Well, the party turned out to be entertaining, and I could at least squeeze out a "Jean Genie" from the Jukebox.

I left early (11pm) with some friends, and went to my place to watch "Princess Bride", chat some and watch some music videos, talk and drink coffee.

Got to bed at only 2am.

Saturday after I got back from the 'boere-mark' having bought loads of berries, I decided to clean out my place, and I practically got rid of half my furniture. I drove around like a crazy looking tor places selling leather couches, and finally went home. The evening I went to Menlyn shopping centre, and true to self, impulsively bought a neat 3-seater plush leather couch. Yummy... (will only get it in Feb. though) I felt so flamboyant, that afterward I went to dine (without a reservation!) at 'La Madeleine' with by best friend.

Sunday started with the holistic fayre (an essoteric fair) where I had my eyes examined by an Iridologist who likened me to a stud bull.... Hmm...

|         (__)                [@@]          ?  (__)  ?              (__)
| (oo) <=|^^|=> ? (oo) ? |\/|(oo)
| /-------VV /--------- \/ /-------\/ /--| \--\/
| / | || / | || / | || / | ||
|* ||----|| / | || * ||----|| * ||----||
| ^^ ^^ * ||------|| ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
| ^^ ^^
| Cownt Dracula Francownstein Where Cow Cow bird
| Cow

After the fair I got rid of most of my furniture with the help of Aubrey, after which I rushed to the gym and had a grueling session of squash (of which I lost 6 games out of 6)

Also quickly played 2 Go games against Riaan... one even, the other with 6 stones handicap... beat him both times by about 35 points.

Then went home and slept.

Well, nothing more to report...