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Avoid: "The Incredibles" for Mac

I bought a friend of mine "The Incredibles" for Christmas. It seems he was having some trouble getting the game to run, reporting that it switched resolutions and seemingly did not want to start running at all otherwise.

He is using a dual G5 desktop Apple Mac, running OS X version 10.3.5. (fully patched)

It's a pretty standard machine with no additional hardware or software.

The strange thing is that the official site does not even recognise that the game runs on the Mac at all! This I find pretty worrying!


I've seen other people on the net having similar problems, but no solutions are forthcoming... if anyone has a solution, please post it here!

One thing I have seen that is a similarity is the fact that both machines are Dual CPU machines.

And as well all know, Apple's Java seems to be vulnerable to a user space system panic on dual CPU machines via some name lookup problem. (See Azureus forums)

So as I know of both G4 and G5 dual CPU …