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Free Windows Firewalls

It seems like every year I need to go through this exersize over and over again.
The Firewall landscape seems to be like a formicating pool changing goalposts and lanscape as you watch.

What was good is now deprecated and vice-versa.

I used to prefer AtGuard, but then new exploits came on the scene which it did not catch (Due to some Windows low-level flaws) and the product was discontinued (and later bought by another company and defiled)

Then I swote by Tiny Personal Firewall (version 2015a), and that also went the way of the dodo.

Then it was Zone Alarm 5 (version 55940).

Then it was Kerio Personal Firewall

And for the past year I was using Sygate Personal Firewall (which I bought)

To my great dismay I have now discovered that Symantec has bought Sygate and basically deprecated the product, and having no great love for Norton/Symantec or MacAfee I started to look for alternative.

These are my options now. (in order of preference)
Core Force
ZoneAlarm 55940Sygate 5.6Tiny Personal Fi…

Creating a SSH tunnel to the internet.

Ever been at a client with Orwellian access restrictions on the internet?

Why not use what they provide you to the max without cracking their security.

What you will need:

1. Access/login to a linux machine with ssh running on port 80 (or 443)

(See UnixShell - They're grrreat!)

2. The proxytunnel client program.

Creating the tunnel:

Firstly you will need to create a TCPIP tunnel through your proxy server. For my example I'm running OS X (on my shiny MacBook Pro).

To do this, add the following (2 lines) to your ~/.ssh/config file:

ProxyCommand /Users/teuton/bin/proxytunnel -N -p "local-proxy:8080" -u "proxy-user" -s "proxy-pass" -d ""

Great! We are all set! You may need to tweak these settings depending on your local proxy server type and configuration (NTML auth etc)

Now the easy part.

Creating the proxy:

To ssh into your machine simply type:

> ssh

To make things easier it…