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Retina Macbook Pro Bluetooth woes [partial fix]

Ever since I bought a pair of Bluetooth 4 headphones (with AptX) I've been noticing sporadic issues connecting with my Retina Macbook Pro. I've also seen posts of countless other people having the same issues. Needless to say an Apple Genius was unable to help me, but I was eventually able to get a solution thanks to the internets!
My problem being, that after a while (or after being put to sleep), my Bluetooth would not reconnect to my headphones, nor would it even see any other devices nearby. I've tried repairing and switching Bluetooth off and on again, but nothing helps. The only thing that helps is to reboot my Mac. This is kind of troublesome since I may be busy with a VMWare session debugging code in a session etc. This problem has persisted since Mavericks up to El Capitan so far.
Anyway, a solution someone proposed was to switch the WiFi off and back on again... and this solved my issue. For me this is cool, since VMWare seems to keep my network stable enough th…