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Japan trip (pt. 1)

A bit late, but better late than never...

A quick journal of my trip so far:

(Times are as per locality)

5 March:

13:10 Depart from JHB

About a 12 hour flight on which I did not sleep and watched many movies...

07:00 Arrive in Hong Kong

On my first day there, I found my hostel first, dumped all my luggage and started walking.
walk walk walk...

I tried to stay awake until 11pm and got to bed pretty exhausted.

I stayed in Hong Kong for three days, seeing many cool sights and also taking the time to buy a good digital camera (About R5k)

Also saw and met some cool Tai-Chi people, and suffered no jet-lag.

8 March:
11:20 Fly to Tokyo.

Arrived at Narita airport, picked up my JR Pass, caught a train, then a bullet train, then another train, and finally a local rapid train.

I spend the first two days just eating sushi and planning my next few days...

20:00 Finally arrived at my destination... Hozumi. I was picked up at the train station by a friend of Charisse and Jason's called Sumire.

10 March:
I took som…