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Google Chrome - pt 1

Ok, just downloaded it.

So far it looks a lot better out-of-the box than Firefox does.

There are some nice improvements over Firefox for which I have been clamoring for to no avail. Firefox is a hog of CPU and Memory, even when having closed all my pages my Macbook Pro uses 14% CPU to power an Idle, minimized Firefox with only the blank window open... what gives? And, alas, my only recourse to try and find out what is taking up the resources is to use a debugger (and then I can only see threads, not tabs)... granted it seems to be Flash that's the culprit, which in turn made me realize why the iPhone never had Flash... Can you imagine!?

So what does Google Chrome do for me? (I only compare it to Firefox since IE is a non-event for me)

1) Google Chrome uses the standard proxy settings like IE and Safari and not it's own custom ones like Firefox. This annoys me no-end about Firefox since I constantly have to change my settings in multiple locations when I move around.

2) Google …

Using OmniCppComplete and vim for C++ auto-completion

Get OmniCppComplete

Then install it: (It may overwrite some stuff... take care!)

ckdir ~/.vim/
cd ~/.vim/

Then create and set your common tags file: (correct for your local installation locations)

~> ctags –R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q \
-f ~/vim/commontags \
~/dev/myTools/include \
/usr/include \
/use/lib/boost/include /usr/lib/qt3/include

------- .vimrc:
set tags+=~/vim/commontags

Add mapping to create/update local (CWD) project tags files:

------- .vimrc:
map :!ctags -R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q .
set tags+=./tags

Set up some default options:

------- .vimrc:
" OmniCompletionOptions
set completeopt=menu,menuone
let OmniCpp_NamespaceSearch=2
let OmniCpp_ShowPrototypeInAbbr=1
" let OmniCpp_MayCompleteScope=1

Then add any convenience macros:

------- .vimrc:
" Smart VS-type <tab-completion>
function! CompleteTab(direction)
let prec =strpart( getline('.'), 0, col('.')-1)
if prec =~'^\s*$&…