December 2, 2016

My Custom DIY 60% Keyboard

My Custom DIY 60% Keyboard

All the parts


1x PCB Stabilizer set (6.25 space) - $6
1x Royal Oak Glam 60% case (Black Walnut) - $78
Solder, Tools, Risers, Labor, etc.

Total: ± $300

(Other single switch types added as needed)

Testing the board

I had my helper do the work here. We needed to test the board before applying any solder.


Add the stabilizers first

Add the plate (using a few switches as spacers)

Then add the rest

Solder solder solder...

And test again:

The casing

The casing I received did to have built-in risers:

So I added my own:

Then Assemble (using temporary spare DSA Carbon Cherry profile keycaps):

Hmm... pretty.

Programming the GH60

The board is controlled by a ATmega32U4 microcontroller (version 1/2/3) and is programmed using a DFU bootloader. I needed to install libusb and use Easy AVR keyboard mapper, then configured my layout, functions, macros and layers:

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