December 25, 2004

Why torrent low-ratio banning is killing the network and is generally a bad idea.

It seems a growing trend for people to get banned for low share ratios.

Now I can understand how this would appeal to some people`s sense of (in)justice as there are people out there who do not understand that not sharing while you download will ultimately make you download yours slower as you supply bits to other people who would otherwise been supplied by the seeder, making it possible for you to download from open slots at the seeder. These are typlically low-intellect `kiddies` who don`t do math and then download hacked clients because they are just stupid.

I agree that these people are evil.

But putting a share-ratio of 0.9 and higher as mandatory is just insane. (IMHO 0.1 is the absolute maximum)

Take the following example (using mathematical induction and taking values to extremes) if I limited my download to 1k/s and my upload to 25k/s (I have a 256/256 connection) my share ratio inexorably tends to go to sub-1.0. In fact, I find that only the T1 people seems to get any use out of these torrents. I start on the same torrent as everyone else, and I seed like crazy, but even so, those 30 people I started together with on the torrent all have the file completely downloaded within the first hour, and I still download the file for the next day at a measly 20k/s. So no matter HOW much I share and am willing to contibute, it seems I cannot win. (Yes, about all of those 30 people have high bandwidth, as most lower bandwidth users have already fallen prey to this)

In a way these torrent sites seem to be quite similar in nature to pyramid schemes where the rich only get richer and feed off the poor, ignorant and innocent. (Hehe... which am I?)

I joined p2p, and not understanding the low-ratio banning for lack of contemplation I was excited about the whole prospect of torrents. It seems now, however, that only the people creating the site and it's rules who, togther with a few select users, have the download (yes download) and upload bandwidth capacity to be able to stay in the black. The other poor fools who always seem to come at the end of torrents and never are able to seemingly finish downloading torrents as they are always the last in the queue, only serve to help the file spread a bit for those big users.

The two things that are equally bad to torrents in general are idiotic leechers, and pedantic rules.

I`ve just joined this eFarm and read the usuage policy/guide, and was dismayed to find these rules here as well.

I initially got invited here as I want to promote art/horror/noir/cult/foreign movies by seeding these. I`m not really interested in general releases, but would probably partake in spreading some of those as well) The only thing keeping me back is the general difficulty of creating torrent releases as I do not just re-seed scene ones like most other people, but have many of my own hard-to-find and not-released-by-local-distributor releases. For a list of what I`m talking about:

(In my country the film industry is controlled by only two companies who have not sense of what art-films are supposed to be about... and thus refuse to ever supply anything of real value)

And delaying low-ratio users will only exacerbate their situation, and they can just as well quit.

Let`s hope these views start a constructive conversation and not a flame war. It is a difficult problem to solve, but "cutting off one's nose" is not the ultimate solution. It's like using `chemo` to treat cancer when there *is* a cure...

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