November 29, 2004

VMWare referral discount code

I thought I would try this since I really do think VMWare is the best thing since sliced potatoes.

If you want a 5% discount toward buying VMWare Workstation 4.x, (perhaps ESX and GSX server as well) then just use this referral code during the checkout phase:


Edit: Seems to work for VMWare 5.0 as well!

I've been doing all my major development in Windows 2000 and RedHat VMWare sessions, and even though I have changed desktop PCs multiple times and re-installed even more times, I have always had a stable and CLEAN development (compile/link/build and test ISO) environment.

This will save you many hours, as well as the extra cost of hardware.

Don't even bother with other products (unless you need something like VirtualPC for the Mac).

Have fun!

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